General wellbeing

‘Thank you for helping me with my physical symptoms, but also, for being honest and practicing with integrity.’  Mr F, Reading


‘Treatment has helped me greatly with heavy and painful periods.’  Mrs R, Newbury


‘..thank you for making me feel normal again.’  Mrs A, Reading


‘I have had chronic back, neck and knee problems for years and acupuncture with Justine has proved to be such an effective treatment, I am really pleased with the results…’ Mr M, Wash Common

‘Acupuncture has been great to treat my longstanding neck pain and Acid Reflux. I particularly like that acupuncture is drug free with no side effects, only positive effects such as giving me a great night’s sleep! I would definitely recommend Justine and acupuncture to anyone.’ Mrs P, Newbury

‘After many years of suffering with back and shoulder pain I decided to visit Justine for acupuncture and am so glad I did! I find it fascinating that the cause of my numb toes is actually linked to the back pain. After a few treatments, both are progressing nicely. I am so pleased.’ Mr M, Newbury


‘..the most impressive result (of the overall treatments) was my skin condition that conventional medicine didn’t touch – I have seen great improvements.  It has almost gone and I am delighted.  Thank you Justine, you’ve done a great job.’ Mr M, Wash Common


‘..I particularly like using acupuncture to treat stress – I certainly didn’t expect that it could treat that!…’ Mr M, Wash Common